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A Dream to Remember

Try to remember your dreams tonight — they’re either going to be great fun or important messages, and you could use the guidance. Your great emotional energy manifests strongly in your sleep.

This is the message I got in Daily Horoscope of Yahoo Messenger. Normally, I close this window and does not read. Whenever I read those, just over looked, even the words and the sentences does not reach at my brain. Don’t know why, today I read it carefully and impressed by the forecast.

I love to dream, I dream in day, I dream at night, I dream while sleeping. And this forecast touched my heart. I may meet my lady luck, my beloved, my dream girl tomorrow. And all these dreams are important, most of my dreams may come alive or die forever. It’s also interesting that, I met her 3 times in my dream this week. And what’s going to happen in my dream tonight. Will it be a dream to remember? Will it be a sweetest dream of all?

Update 9th Aug

I did not see any such dream last night. If I would have seen some, forgot when I wake up. And I think I did not see any such great dream. Finally, I met her today and have a great time with her. We met each other after two years. I am not going to forget this wonderful moment in my life. About the dream… I can’t say it the sweetest, but was sweet. I hope many sweeter moments to come soon.

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By Debiprasad

I am a software developer, Staying and working from my home town Cuttack, Orissa, India.

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I do dream a bit as well, but i stopped day dreaming at large with an odd incident.

I was crossing the road in sahid nagar, back in my school days on my bicycle, near to the place where IDBI bank and buddy devis/nike showroom is now, and from the other side a car was crossing the road, with a beautiful girl inside it.

And there i went, dreaming. … which lasted few minutes and ended with a **bam** an auto rickshaw hit my front wheel and turned it 90 degrees.

Never dared to dream since.

but u go ahead and meet ur lady luck, and if u dare post some pics 😉

I met her and enjoyed a great time with her. However I don’t dare to share her picture in public, in other words, I don’t have that authority 😛 . Even I don’t write her name wherever I post about her, just want to express my feelings, so could not stop writing anything (You know, the tagline of this blog: everything from my heart). Some people like to read and be happy and some turned to red on this action. 🙂

Hey Dear, Your the only person I ever met after my mother with very clean heart. I know your each and every heart beets.. and I know your very persistent. Your love and madness will come true. As a partner, as a boss, as a friend, as lover you are the best. I salute your personality, courage and determinations.

Your the best.

|| Jay Sita Ram ||……………..

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