About Debiprasad

I’m essentially a software developer by profession, an entrepreneur by ambition, and a computer scientist by osmosis.

I’m a friendly, helpful and fun-loving person. I dream a lot… and I say: Dream High. Before those dreams come true, you have to dream, am I wrong? Sometime I do day dreaming. And I believe I can make most of those dreams (both night and day) to come true. So simply, I dream 24×7.

It’s Me 😉

I am also self motivated. I didn’t have these motivation from starting. Suddenly, I fell in true love and started believing that whatever had happened was for good, whatever happening is for good and whatever will happen will be the best. Also, I started believing on God better than those days. These improvements in my self-confidence and my motivation gradually happened during year 2006 onwards. I try to inspire and motivate other people, the way I believe in.

If you want me to describe what is God, I will say, “a virtual entity, on which we believe, keep faith and fear while doing wrong”. And if you ask me to explain what is love, I will say “a dedication, respect, care and love(?) for an entity (an entity may be a soul, a heart or a stuff). True love is a worship for me.

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