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Mosquitoes, Integral Part of Indian Life

In your opinion, which one is the biggest problem, in this world, or in your country? There are quite good options to answer. Global Warming, Terrorism, War, Lack of drinking water, Lack of education, Deficit of fuels for the future, Maoists, and Mosquitoes. You must be thinking, how Mosquitoes made an entry in the list of biggest threats to World? Don’t surprise, they are really a great threat. One night, while I was sleeping and it was around 4.30 AM, mosquitoes attacked me severely, and I could not sleep. And I started planning how to start war against Mosquitosm. Suddenly one mosquito entered into one of my nasal holes and I felt severe pain of sneezing, while I am sleeping. I also surprised how she (yes, that was a female one, because male mosquitoes don’t eat human blood) came to know what was in my mind and suddenly started attacking me!