Mosquitoes, Integral Part of Indian Life

In your opinion, which one is the biggest problem, in this world, or in your country? There are quite good options to answer. Global Warming, Terrorism, War, Lack of drinking water, Lack of education, Deficit of fuels for the future, Maoists, and Mosquitoes. You must be thinking, how Mosquitoes made an entry in the list of biggest threats to World? Don’t surprise, they are really a great threat. One night, while I was sleeping and it was around 4.30 AM, mosquitoes attacked me severely, and I could not sleep. And I started planning how to start war against Mosquitosm. Suddenly one mosquito entered into one of my nasal holes and I felt severe pain of sneezing, while I am sleeping. I also surprised how she (yes, that was a female one, because male mosquitoes don’t eat human blood) came to know what was in my mind and suddenly started attacking me!

I came to know about one wired fact from an online magazine that, “Mosquitoes have killed more humans than all the wars in history”. And my friend Debasish tells many times “u gotta be kidding me! its already 2010 & i still have to suffer mosquito bites”. I don’t know about other countries, whether there mosquitoes are an integral parts of human life or not. But in India, it’s an integral parts of Indian life. You may not believe, but people here are cultivating mosquitoes, by their bad habits though. And if you go to a general shop, you will see many products related to mosquitoes. Mosquito repellent coils, mats, liquid refills, sprays, body cremes etc. There are many brands and for every brand there is a good market too. Did you notice, all these are repelling mosquitoes. Why these companies can’t come with a product which kills mosquitoes. Well, you must be thinking how fool I am. How these companies will kill themselves. Killing mosquitoes means, making a hole in their pocket. So they create such products, which will repel mosquitoes outside. Those mosquitoes will go to their home, will have a wild party (like IPL Nights), have sex with their partners and increase their population. And the next day, they will come to join you. You will again need those mosquito repellent products. So an evergreen marketing plan.

So who will stop them to run this long term suffering plan? Why can’t Govt. of India can’t ban these companies to produce mosquito repellent products. Why can’t Govt. of India spend few money on research to end life cycle of mosquitoes? Oh!!! Now I realize (after one mosquito bite) that the local municipal corporations is not doing anything to save us from these zombies. How can I expect the top level Indian Govt. to take any serious action on this? If we spend a little fraction of money we had spent on buying mosquito repellent products on research to end life cycle of mosquitoes, then we can easily get that done.

I feel that every life in this world has a meaning. They do some good stuff to balance life in the world. But mosquitoes are only useless life in this world. They are not doing any useful stuff.

Few months before, I saw few peoples, who are not in power in local politics, were protesting against mosquito problem in my city Cuttack. But nothing happened significantly. Let me explain why nothing happened. Suppose, Mango eating party is in power and Butter licking party is in opposition. So, now Butter licking party made some hungama with the powerful presence of mosquitoes. And one day come, when Butter licking party will be in power and Mango eating party will be in opposition. If there will be no mosquito then what these people will do?

Several mosquitoes have already bitten me, while I am writing this. And I will not surprise, if I hear someone commits suicide due to terror of mosquitoes. But I have a hope that I will die after mosquitoes become history like dinosaurs.

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  1. Debasish Avatar

    Seriously good theme. I did not see this post earlier. Mosquitoes, bugs everywhere. I have to take some serious measures to keep them away.

    Mythological books should include & spiritual leaders should preach this “now proven” fact that doing good karma will not only lead you to heaven also you’ll be born in a first-world country in your next life.

  2. gautom Avatar

    being a potential threat to the very existence of Mosquitoes in planet Earth, you have already topped the most wanted list of the terrorist organism called “Mosquitoes’. Debi you are a revolutionary leader, you are an evangelist, you are the only hope and founder of “No Parking for Mosquitoes on Earth” foundation. You should ask for z-class security, man dis is dangerous work! tut! tut! tut!

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