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  • Mosquitoes, Integral Part of Indian Life

    In your opinion, which one is the biggest problem, in this world, or in your country? There are quite good options to answer. Global Warming, Terrorism, War, Lack of drinking water, Lack of education, Deficit of fuels for the future, Maoists, and Mosquitoes. You must be thinking, how Mosquitoes made an entry in the list…

  • Second is the new Minute

    “Second is the new Minute” – one of the nice tag lines of GSM mobile service of TATA, DOCOMO. From the first day, when mobile operators started their business, the pulse was 1 minute. Wait! Let me time travel to the old days, when there was no mobile phone, and we have popular (BTW, not…

  • Brand Awareness and India

    I think Indians always love good brands. They love the brand names such a way that they forget (or don’t ever try to know what the product is) the product name. They recognize the product by brand name. Let’s focus this interesting area of India!