Author: Debiprasad

  • Bad programming due to lack of basic knowledge

    Even though I have 15 years of experience as a full-stack developer, I make mistakes. Sometimes, silly mistakes. I am good at solving problems and providing solutions to complex business requirements. But I don’t know everything, even some basic things. Recently, my client asked me to add a feature to attach a file to the […]

  • A bad UI?

    I was talking about a dream I saw to a friend who was a character in that dream. But I forgot an important character of that dream. A few weeks ago, while watching a video about lucid dreaming, I learned that journaling your dreams after waking up helps remembering your dreams. So, I decided to […]

  • Investing during COVID-19 Pandemic

    Due to the bad economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the interest rates on different types of savings have gone down. On a fixed deposit for 1 year to 2 years the interest rate is just 5.6%. So, should you save money in a fixed deposit or invest in mutual funds? Currently, NIFTY 50 is […]

  • My favorite ​overnight oats recipe

    After trying some oats recipes with quick oats and steel-cut oats, I came across overnight oats. I already had rolled oats with me which is the main ingredient of the recipe though I had not used those rolled oats before this. So, it was a good opportunity to use these oats in the overnight oats […]

  • Should you get iPhone 7 from Airtel?

    I have not written anything on this blog since over a year. So, I have decided to write something today. One thing that had caught my notice recently is iPhone 7 offer from Airtel. Is it worth it to buy iPhone from Airtel? Find it out. So, Airtel offers iPhone 7 32 GB for a […]