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  • Thought Processes of an Engineer

    I am an engineer. I code for a living. The word “pride” is associated with LGBT Pride. Facebook had created an application to celebrate and show your support for the LGBT community, by adding a rainbow filter to your profile picture. It’s recommended to reuse the code. I will reuse the code of a good application […]

  • Hidden text in a spam email

    I often find few spam emails in my inbox. It’s kind of normal, when I get a promotional email or newsletter, which I have not subscribed to. But I even get famous spams like easy money opportunity, great job offer etc. Ideally, these emails should go to spam, but since last few years Gmails spam […]

  • Coming out of Blogging Block

    When was the last time I blogged? Long time ago. Long long time ago. Now it’s time to coming out of my blogging block. I am thinking about to write many thing. But I have one excuse that I don’t find enough time to write. I took little inspiration from my friend Debasish, who blogs […]

  • The Bankster

    I received the book The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the book review program at I was very excited about the book and as soon as I received the book, I started reading it. But then after reading first few chapters, I stopped reading the book, due to a lot of […]

  • Why should we still celebrate Diwali?

    In Odisha, there are two reasons why people celebrate Diwali, except the entertainment purpose. One is for the tradition and another is an environmental reason. As per the Diwali traditions, I had seen in my childhood, we used to burn jute sticks after doing a Puja for the ancestors of the family, cooking different types […]