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  • The Evolution of “Kalyan Mandap”

    When I was a teenager, I heard something called Kalyan Mandap. I did not understand what’s that. I knew that weddings were done at home, temples, churches and at the court. Then I came to know that those days people started organizing weddings at a place (hall) called Kalyan Mandap. I did not understand why […]

  • I’m not twenty seven…

    In my last post, I posted a review of the book “The Habit of Winning” as a part of the book review program at Soon after the review, I received another book from up for review. This time it was “I’m not twenty four… I’ve been nineteen for five years…” by Sachin Garg. […]

  • Want to share a book after completing it and read another for free*?

    I always want to read books, almost all types: stories, novels, fictions, non-fictions, inspirational, biographies, etc., but no textbooks. I want to read all good books in Oriya, English and translated books of all other languages. I found few in the old trunks of my father containing his old stuffs, bought few, and few gifted […]

  • The story of a Tab

    Sushant, a proud owner of iPhone4, once saw Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 at an airport. Then he thought that this can help him to boost his productivity, specially while he is on the move. Then he decided to get one, but before he asked my suggestion on this. But I asked him not to buy […]

  • Tech Support

    I have similar experiences often.