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In my last post, I posted a review of the book “The Habit of Winning” as a part of the book review program at BlogAdda.com. Soon after the review, I received another book from BlogAdda.com up for review. This time it was “I’m not twenty four… I’ve been nineteen for five years…” by Sachin Garg. I felt good, as I recently read an awesome book and I am going to read another one. I planned to read it as soon as possible, so that I can write the review within 7 days.

No one was at our home, so the courier guy delivered the book to the friendly security guard of the ATM near my home. I even had not received the book ‘The Habit of Winning’ myself, and my sister received it, while I was sleeping. So, when we returned back to home, that guy handed me the parcel. Form the cover of the parcel, I confirmed that it’s the new book I am getting to review. I opened the packet and liked the cover of the book. (Though I have seen the cover, while showing my interest for this book, but seeing it in real is special). When I opened the book, the paper and the print quality did not impress me. I loved these on the book ‘The Habit of Winning’. Anyways, this one costs less too, so no complain.

Normally the genre of the book is written on most of the books. And before I enter into the book, I look into each and every stuffs outside. I find this missing. I had missed to read more about the book earlier. From the cover and the title, it looks like a romantic story. It might be a fiction or the author may claim this is a true story. And again the title of the book sounds like an inspirational book. This might be the effect of the recent book I completed reading. All these came into my mind. Before I read this book, my sister told me that she want to read this book too. I know that the photo on the cover of this page inspired her.

I started reading the book, but the first few pages did not interest me much. And I got so busy with my personal work that, I forgot to read this book and write a review in 7 days. Though I got a reminder email from the BlogAdda.com team, but I hardly got any time for this. Then they called me and reminded me to read and write the review. He game me a new deadline, and I promised to write a review in that time.

I had less than 3 days time with me, with lots of work to do. And I managed to get time on the last day of the deadline. I went on reading the book. I was leaving the little boring part and gradually entering into the interesting part. Then I read the most interesting part of the story. Then some socking and tragic part, though interesting. So, it was a complete roller coaster ride.

When the author introduced the central character of the story, Soumya, I thought is this a boy or girl? And this thought is reflected in the story. Soumya, one the beautiful name, but it’s a unisex name. Anyone can get confused about the gender of the person with the name. Finally, I came to know that she is a girl. But few other characters of the story were still thinking that Soumya is a boy. Then this confusion lead her to a job location, a job profile she has never thought of.

Then she meets an Indian hippy, had a crush and with two other friends they get drunk. Shubhro, the Indian hippy, told his story. How he left a promising career of a banker after completing his MBA in Finance from IIM-Kolkata and was roaming around the world, staying at a place for 90 days and leaving without any clue and hesitation. This part of the book, I loved most. His story is interesting. Sometimes, I think to leave everything behind and roam around the world. If not the world, at least in India. I thought, is he the main character of the story?

Then Soumya returns to her work and encounters many tragedies and accidents related to her work profile, which are normal in a steel plant, but was too scary for the girl who never thought there is world outside the malls of Delhi. How would you react, when you get the news that someone you kissed few hours before was brutally killed, because some other did not like that he kissed you? I told you before, it’s a roller coaster ride.

Then Shubhro re-enters life of Soumya. You know it already that Shubhro will leave after 90 days. In those 90 days, Shubhro surprises Soumya with his usabilities. She was thinking he is useless, but he found to be useful. And on the 90th day, they discover that they are in deep love with each other. But Shubhro was not found on the 91st day, as you might have expected.

After that Soumya reads the blog of Shubhro and discover surprising things about him. Now she is understanding what’s the mission of this mysterious guy. You will find three shades of the character of Shubhro in the view of Soumya. Then after reading this blog, she gets the hint that where she can find Shubro. She books a ticket to go to him and be his partner in his mission for rest of her life.

This is a good book to read. The only thing I did not like about the book is the typesetting. There are many typos in the book. And at some places, the author used more words to explain a simple situation. This might distract you from the story. You may buy this book and read it. You may love the roller coaster ride. But I am still confused, whom should I call central character of the book – Soumya or Shubhro. (You will read this story in Soumya’s voice).

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