The story of a Tab

Sushant, a proud owner of iPhone4, once saw Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 at an airport. Then he thought that this can help him to boost his productivity, specially while he is on the move. Then he decided to get one, but before he asked my suggestion on this. But I asked him not to buy that, but to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 to be available for sale in India or pre-order one.

Though he is a huge fan of iPhone4, but there are many good reasons, why I suggested to by a Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

  • The new Galaxy Tab 750 offers a superlative experience with the thinnest and lightest large screen tablet available. Thanks to the amazingly think and light body, at just 565 grams and 8.6 mm slim, it can help lot Sushant, while he is on the move.
  • With both HSPA (21 Mbps) and WiFi access, Sushant can be connected to the internet 24X7, wherever he is. He can enjoy fast and stable connection to the internet for speedy browsing, downloads and more. This will help him to stay connected with his clients and coworkers for his business and friends to maintain his online social activities.
  • As Sushant is a movie buff, he can experience cinema magic with Full HD Playback on the glorious 25.65 cms tablet screen. The dual speakers surrounding the screen create a surround sound effect that makes movie watching even more realistic. He can enjoy having both front and real-facing cameras built in on the tablet for better video chat on Google and Skype, as well as HD photography. It’s time to stay entertained, wherever he goes.
  • Sushant can switch from app to app, do more things at once and enjoy the power of more efficient multitasking with 1 GHz Dual Core Processor. It’s time to do it all, to get the jobs done!
  • Thousans of top websites use rich Flash application. But on a iOS gadget, Sushant was unable to access that. But now, so whether he is browing the web or viewing online multimedia content, he will be able to see it all with hi Galaxy Tab 750 and Adobe Flash player support. It’s time to get browsing with ease.
  • High definition 25.65 cm display delivers excellent screen sharpness. With 1280 x 800 WXGA display boasting a pixel density of 149 PPI (Pixel Per Inch), he can enjot better details. With richer graphic for movies, photos and programs, it’s time to enjoy life-like display.
  • Above all those reasons, there is another special reason. He can experience power of Android Honeycomb and we will have our hands on it.

He was really excited to experience Galaxy Tab 750 as soon as possible. So, on 31st August, 2011, Wednesday, he pre-ordered this from On 2nd September, 2011, Friday, Samsung Galaxy Tab became available for sale. So, we were excited. As Flipkart delivers all products at your doorstep in just 2-3 days, we were expecting to get it by 7th September, 2011, Wednesday. Soon we came to know that they have shipped it via BlueDart couriers and we got assured that it’ll be delivered by Wednesday. But Sushant was not lucky this time. Though I have a great experience with Flipkart and I recommend it, but it did not work well for Sushant.

One day, when Sushant logged into his Flipkart account to see the status, he saw a weird error. It was saying that his payment failed. Suddenly, Sushant felt tensed, as he was very much excited to experience Galaxy Tab 750 as soon as possible. When he contacted HDFC Bank Credit Card customer care, they said that there was no payment processed by the card. And asked not to worry with confidence. The fact is that, Sushant opted for an EMI and the inexperienced and over confident customer care representative did not able to track this. So, when Sushant contacted Flipkart, they said there is no issue with the payment. But they again told a bad news.

So Flipkart had some problem with BlueDart and they returned the shipped product. And now they have shipped this via AFL. Oh! This was bad. Now Sushant had to wait for few more days to date with the Galaxy Tab 750. We were expecting this to be arrive by Thursday and tracking the shipment and when we saw that it was received at Kolkata instead Bhubaneswar, it again disappointed us. Via Kolkata, and it’ll take one more day for sure. Now to wait for Friday. Sushant has an important work on Friday and he was really curious to unpack Galaxy Tab 750. So he rushed to AFL office in the morning and asked for the shipment. But a stupid guy there told that the shipment has not yet arrived. What the Fcuk? Again?!?! But after few enquiries, finally Sushant got the shipment. And when he unpacked the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, he was really really excited.

I have left Sushant to enjoy his date with Galaxy Tab 750 and waiting for the time when they are going to be steady. I will update what happens to their love life.

Have a look at the recorded version of live webcast of the Galaxy Tab 750’s launch.





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  1. Jyoti Ranjan Pattnaik Avatar

    Do these twists are included in free services of Flipkart? [:D]
    btw..he must be proud to be one of the early members (may be 1st) of samsung galaxy tab users in the city..good wishes for him and his beloved Tab [:)]

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