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Should you get iPhone 7 from Airtel?

I have not written anything on this blog since over a year. So, I have decided to write something today. One thing that had caught my notice recently is iPhone 7 offer from Airtel. Is it worth it to buy iPhone from Airtel? Find it out.

So, Airtel offers iPhone 7 32 GB for a downpayment of Rs. 7,777 and you need to be on a postpaid plan of Rs. 2,499 per month for 24 months. On Airtel website, the cost of the iPhone is Rs. 47,777. As Rs. 7,777 is the downpayment, the loan amount is Rs. 40,000 and you need to pay for it in 24 EMIs. If you get a loan of Rs. 40,000 at 14% interest rate for 24 months EMI then the EMI will be Rs. 1,921. So, here you are paying Rs. 578 for the postpaid plan and Handset Damage Protection which costs Rs. 49. So, you are paying effectively Rs. 529 for the postpaid plan. Normally, that post plan costs Rs. 649. So, that’s a saving of Rs. 120.

But here is the catch. iPhone 7 32 GB are much cheaper than Airtel price. You can get those as low as Rs. 38,999.00 at You can also buy it on an EMI if you have a credit card or a Bajaj Loan Card. And get a prepaid or postpaid plan as you wish or stay with your current plan. Save money.

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The story of a Tab

Sushant, a proud owner of iPhone4, once saw Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 at an airport. Then he thought that this can help him to boost his productivity, specially while he is on the move. Then he decided to get one, but before he asked my suggestion on this. But I asked him not to buy that, but to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 to be available for sale in India or pre-order one.