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  • Mosquitoes, Integral Part of Indian Life

    In your opinion, which one is the biggest problem, in this world, or in your country? There are quite good options to answer. Global Warming, Terrorism, War, Lack of drinking water, Lack of education, Deficit of fuels for the future, Maoists, and Mosquitoes. You must be thinking, how Mosquitoes made an entry in the list […]

  • The Butter Masala Way

    Wait, I am not writing about a recipe now. Once I have posted how I cook mutton curry. But now I am talking about a (in fact, two) dish which I prefer to order most frequently.

  • Limited Browsing Sucks

    Imagine your height is 5 feet 7 inches and you have to stay in a room and the diagonal length of the room is 5 feet, similar to the cells of Kalapani. How do you sleep? We don’t have very good Internet connections here is India. Where in some countries people have right to good […]

  • My Horoscope and About me

    I just checked my birth horoscope at Ganesh Speaks website. I don’t blindly believe in horoscope. I believe your did will change your horoscope. And the prediction is quite good. I think I should put those while writing ‘about me’ next time.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to my blog. Booked this domain and installed WordPress and FREEmium theme. Need to customize this theme a lot, however like this theme. Will reduce blogging at and and post here. Some of the posts which I like most, will be copied from those two blogs. So many more interesting stuffs are […]