The Butter Masala Way

Wait, I am not writing about a recipe now. Once I have posted how I cook mutton curry. But now I am talking about a (in fact, two) dish which I prefer to order most frequently.

What’s your favorite cuisine? I don’t have a particular love towards any cuisine. But, whenever I go to any new restaurant, which offer Indian , I love to order a similar dish, any one of the two variants. Well, you must have got the clue from the title. If I have to eat non veg, then I order Chiken Butter Masala else Paneer Butter Masala as its vegetarian counter part. Ask me why? Well, the answer is simple. I feel different taste, always, on this particular dish.

Recently, I have been to Kolkata. There I went to a restaurant. It was Monday, so we ordered Butter Paneer Masala. But this time the dish was completely different from the other ones. It was looking white, normally butter masala items looks reddish. It was looking like paneers are dipped in coconut sauce and little cream for the dressing. And when i put it in my mouth, the taste was completely different from the normal butter masalas. I did not like that dish much, but experienced a new stuff on the same old name.

Normally, in every restaurant, the spices and preparation method are same for chicken butter masala and paneer butter masala. The only difference is chicken and paneer. When I was in Chennai, we used to go a particular restaurant most of the time, as it was near to my office and the place where I used to live. I don’t see much difference in butter chicken masala and chicken tikka masala in that restaurant, except the latter one has smaller chicken pieces.

My hunger for butter masala is still on. And if you hear me ordering chicken/paneer butter masala in a restaurant, then don’t surprise.

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