The Bankster

I received the book The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the book review program at I was very excited about the book and as soon as I received the book, I started reading it. But then after reading first few chapters, I stopped reading the book, due to a lot of work pressure. But I had to complete this book and write a review. So, I resumed the pause and read the rest.

I love to read books which excites you when you read it. Books with a lot of suspense makes it interesting. I think many people will not be interested to read a story, which is based on life at the banking sector or a story related to nuclear power plant. Though I was not related to banking domain now, I love the finance stuff. If would have not be a software engineer, I would have been a banker. So, I was sure, I will enjoy reading the book.

There are three sentences and two paragraphs as a teaser on the back cover of the book. After reading those, it increased my excitement. And when I read prologue, I enjoyed it lot. I was visualising what I was reading and getting excited as I am watching those in a movie. Then as the story progressed, I found a slowness in the story, which I was not expecting. There are a lot of chats in between characters to narrate the story. I think it’s good for many people, to read those. But I don’t understood why I did not find it much interesting to read those talks between the characters. But there are some, which made it interesting.

A suspense story should have a lot of questions in the beginning. And when you proceed through the story, it should answer few of your questions and create few more questions. But I find this missing while reading this book. After reading on chapter, you can take a long break before reading the next chapter. I did not have the excitement “what happens next” while reading the book. Instead I had different questions on my mind, when I was reading initial chapters. It was, “how these three different stories will meet together?”. While reading this book, sometimes, when I was coming across the names of the character, I was getting confused about the person. I feel there are a lot of characters in this story and it’s really difficult to remember their names without getting confused. Anyways, this is banking sector, and there are be a lot of people associated with even a simple transaction. And when the story tells about such a huge multinational bank, there will be so many people.

The best thing about the book is it’s written with a simple and easy to read language. Another good thing is that, the story is very contemporary. So many current events, for example, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster etc. are taken into account while writing the story.

Anyways, this is a good book to read, though not the best. One of my friend looked at the book and thought, it’s a very interesting hollywood movie DVD. Don’t judge the book from its cover. Read the book and you will love it. After reading this book, now I am more interested to read other books written by the author.

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