The World is Boiling

When did I listen the word ‘Sunstroke’ for the first time? Let’s me think. Unable to find the exact info, but I guess it would be around 10 years, more or less. Before that, in summer, we used to have morning classes, then summer holidays. We used to visit our village and home of other relatives in those summer holidays. Occasionally drink local version of Lassi and cold drinks. Sometimes enjoyed to drinking coconut water too. But it was not that hot, and no sunstroke.

Then we were introduced to ‘sunstroke’. We stopped going out at noon during summer. But the morning was always cool. The days in the summer used to too hot in the evening, but too cool in the morning and I never used to run the fan in the morning. But morning are not like those days. The world is now boiling.

It was May 2007, when I reached at Chennai to join my first job. I have heard that Chennai was too hot and experienced it then. It was too hot there that in the morning, I found sweat around my neck while I was sleeping, it was morning and the fan was moving in it’s highest speed. Sweat around my neck? When I never needed fan in the morning, how I can feel sweats around my neck? Oh, I see. So this was the heat of Chennai. I spend more than two years in Chennai. People (those who are out of Chennai, but stay there for professional/business need) say, “There are two weathers in Chennai. Nov to Feb: Summer and rest of the months are Deadly summer”. Fortunately, those two years I stayed in Chennai were not that hot as other years do. But I found myself almost naked always to beat the heat of Chennai.

I left Chennai and moved back to my home town Cuttack. And finally summer arrived here. Before I talk about summer, let me think about other seasons. Rain… it rained this year. So Rainy season is alive. Then I did not feel presence of Winter. I had never used any kind of winter special cloth this year. Then I thought what happened to Autumn? There are two seasons in Orissa, which comes after Rainy season and before Winter. First one is Autumn and I don’t know English of the other. Both are dead now a days. After winter is over, I wanted to feel the favorite season of many people: Spring. But before I feel Spring is here, I started feeling Summer.

I work late in the night, so sleep late in the night. So accordingly, I wake up late in the morning, around 9. Once I went to sun around 9 AM and the sun was so hot that it felt like a burning sun of 12 PM in the summer. Similarly, now a days when someone turns off the fan in the morning, then I feel similar to I were in Chennai. These are enough for me to realize “The World is Boiling”.

The question here is, the world is boiling. What are you doing to save it? Every little help helps. But the situation is so worst now that we need to come up and help in a bigger way. I am planning to plant few big trees in this rainy season. Just planting a mango tree (why mango? Yes, mango tree are needed for mango people, aam log) or few mango trees and posing in front of camera will not save the earth. How many of them are alive today? We need to take care of those trees until we would sure that those trees are big guys now and can take care of themselves. How many trees have you planted, after seeing a celebrity planting a tree? I think most of the answers will echo ‘NO’. So, dear celebrity, I don’t want to see you planting a tree before a camera. I would love to see a plant really growing up. If it becomes Maa ka bigda hua ladla, then OK. But I need them to grow up.

Seriously, I am asking you. What will you do to save mother earth. Forget mother earth. What will you do to save yourself? Comment here, reply me on twitter @debiprasad. I would love to see you doing a great job to save yourself. What about me now? What will I do? I am not sure. But I am seriously looking a land few lands to plant some really big trees. If you want me to help you or involve with you while planting some trees or doing some awesome stuff, then please let me know.

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