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  • World Map of Social Networks

    The world map of December shows the relentless march of Facebook , close to reaching 600 million “residents.” At the moment appears to be the social network of choice for 115 countries on 132 analyzed .

  • The World is Boiling

    When did I listen the word ‘Sunstroke’ for the first time? Let’s me think. Unable to find the exact info, but I guess it would be around 10 years, more or less. Before that, in summer, we used to have morning classes, then summer holidays. We used to visit our village and home of other…

  • Phir Dil Do Hockey Ko

    Few days before, I saw Virender Sehwag saying something on a tv commercial. He was saying that, he was not playing this time and will join as a spectator. I thought what happened to him? Why he is saying like Sourav Ganguly said in an ad when he was out of Indian team (remember that…