Category: For a Better World

  • The World is Boiling

    When did I listen the word ‘Sunstroke’ for the first time? Let’s me think. Unable to find the exact info, but I guess it would be around 10 years, more or less. Before that, in summer, we used to have morning classes, then summer holidays. We used to visit our village and home of other […]

  • Why divide Internet by religion?

    Today I came to know about a website, which says it’s a search engine for Muslims. It says that is search engine designed for Muslims to be able to continue their online activities in a safe and clean environment. It normally does not do what they said. It simply blocks some English words and […]

  • JaaGO – AIDS Awareness

    Found 4 good movies made by 4 great directors to spread aids awareness among people. I watched those and found awesome. But I believe two of those movies – Migration and Positive are not so simple, which any normal man can understand. In my opinion you should make such simple films which any one can […]