Why divide Internet by religion?

Today I came to know about a website, which says it’s a search engine for Muslims. It says that ImHalal.com is search engine designed for Muslims to be able to continue their online activities in a safe and clean environment. It normally does not do what they said. It simply blocks some English words and does not show result for that. Some English words come with a warning but you can see the results. If you search for a porn site, you can see it in the result. Then how can it be a clean search engine? Why do someone need a search engine, which is designed only for Muslims? They can use any other search engine with safety filter on. Or if they think that there is no other search engine with a safety filter, they could create a safe search engine, which can target anyone of any religion. They are doing nothing but dividing Internet and the World by the name of the religion. They are no different from the people who start a war or a riot by the name of religion.

I was thinking that there is no such stuff targeting other religion. And I found that some people tried to create some Hindu search engine (which is never created yet, thank God, and I want that it should never happen). Then I search for stupid websites which want to differentiate people by religion. However I do find some religion based social networking or dating website. I don’t want to have more comment on these. Because sometimes I feel to have such websites because of some social restrictions in our society. Such that, some people don’t allow marriage in other religion and even in other caste.

There are plenty of religion search website, which helps us searching information on the religion easily. These websites are really needed and welcome. We can learn many good thing from all religions. But why are those websites which differentiate users and divide Internet by religion?

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    don wrry buddy!…….. some ppl r born to divide n we are happy to find you in the group that unites mankind

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