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  • reCaptcha Fail Whale Gravatar

    reCaptcha Fail Whale Gravatar

    This is the season of seminars and projects in Engineering colleges in Odisha (For 7th semester students). When I was in my 7th semester, most students were coping ready made seminars from other students or seniors. Some people search on internet for a ready made seminars. A very few students were doing research on their […]

  • NIC Sucks – OJEE e-Counseling

    Since a long time I always complain about NIC (National Informatics Center). NIC develops and manages most of the websites and online applications for Govt. of India. The reason is pretty clear – lack of accessibility and web standard. And the reason behind such sucking website and applications is also pretty clear. As many of […]

  • Summer @ Indibits

    You must know that I work at Indibits. And it’s a news for you. Summer @ Indibits is going to be special, as we are starting a summer internship program. We have a product idea and the team selected for the internship will work on that project from scratch. Of course, I will be there […]

  • Do you dare to shop online?

    Do you dare to shop online? Do you have a good or bad experience of online shopping? I notices most people around me are not aware of stuffs available on the online shops. Some of them knows about it, but does not dare to shop online. Here I am going to share my online shopping […]

  • PayPal India Woos – the eye opener

    Recently PayPal India started reversing all personal payments and after few days started reversing the withdrawal process. And since few days some popular blogs and news websites are showing that similar boring news with no information on this. Some blogs also added some email messages to their blog to make that look good. Recently PayPal […]