Summer @ Indibits

You must know that I work at Indibits. And it’s a news for you. Summer @ Indibits is going to be special, as we are starting a summer internship program. We have a product idea and the team selected for the internship will work on that project from scratch. Of course, I will be there to manage the project. There will be a great learning opportunity, not only for the people who will be working on this program, but also for me. This is the top most reason which excites me.

The project may become the first product of Indibits. As a teaser, we can just reveal, it’s going to be a simple web application, and will solve few simple problems.

So who can be the part of the internship program? We have created a page and inviting applications from the pool of talents around the world. Yes, I said it right, “around the world”. This is a remote internship program and anyone who can available online when needed to collaborate can apply for the internship.

To know more, please visit the Summer @ Indibits page.





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