World Map of Social Networks

World Map of Social Networks

The world map of December shows the relentless march of Facebook , close to reaching 600 million “residents.” At the moment appears to be the social network of choice for 115 countries on 132 analyzed .

Since June, the most important achievements were made in the old Europe and particularly in Poland and Hungary, two nations in which the competitor, respectively Iwiw and nasza-klasa, seemed unbeatable because of their connotation localist network effect achieved.

The only social network is to resist European Hyves in the Netherlands, although there are signs of difficulty (statistical, since Alex already be a loser, and social, has been sold to a major publisher and users have not taken well).

The other victories of the creature are found in Mongolia against Zuckerberg and Hi5 in India and Paraguay to the detriment of the social network of Google, Orkut, which now only remains strong in Brazil.

In recent months there has been a change to the preferences of Japanese who go to increasingly use social networking to the mobile device. Mixi while remaining the most widely used by web gives way to Gree Mobage Town and if we consider the use of mobile and total users.

The situation remains fluid in Armenia and Georgia (here Alexa report overtaking Facebook not confirmed by Google Trends for Websites).

Top 3 Social Networking Sites (December 2010)

A look over the shoulders of Facebook, you can see the growth of Twitter, which in some countries is the second Social Network (UK, Australia, Canada) and other check in the third position (Germany and Italy).  Although LinkedIn is starting to notice its presence in Australia, Canada, UK.

Below is a poster that summarizes the evolution of social networks in the world since June 2009.
Evolution of social networks in the world since June 2009

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