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Thought Processes of an Engineer

  • I am an engineer.
  • I code for a living.
  • The word “pride” is associated with LGBT Pride.
  • Facebook had created an application to celebrate and show your support for the LGBT community, by adding a rainbow filter to your profile picture.
  • It’s recommended to reuse the code.
  • I will reuse the code of a good application which was developed recently to build a similar application, provided the license of the code allows that.
  • Engineers improve by experience.
  • It’s difficult to name properly to all variables, classes, methods, IDs etc. in a code.
  • If I am developing an application for cats, I don’t think I will use the name ‘tiger’ in a class or id.
  • Engineers can be wrong.
I Love My India

What AAP’s Bismaya Mahapatra should learn or change

Personally I don’t 100% agree with what people Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) say or do. But I support and advocate most of their vision and action, as they are the best alternative to any other traditional political party. If someone asks them about their ideology, most of the leaders of AAP, including Kumar Biswas (who speaks well and a lot), go blank. If you ask them about what are their vision regarding foreign policy or economic policy etc., either they ignore or divert the question by answering about corruption, Jan Lokpal Bill and Swaraj Bill. However, party’s leader Arvind Kejriwal smartly answers that Swaraj is the party’s ideology and if we will solve the issue of corruption, everything will be alright. Unfortunately, the people who asks about ideology, foreign policies or economic policies etc. to AAP, never ask those questions to other parties and their leaders, at least in my knowledge. I don’t think a common citizen of India understands what the economic/foreign policy of Congress or BJP/Modi.

Internet and the Web

Facebook Timeline for Pages issue on March 1st

Yesterday, Facebook started preview of Timeline for Pages. Many pages started using it too. Even we did for our Discover Bhubaneswar page. Yesterday it was working fine. But today, when we posted photos on our wall, it appeared on the news feed (home), but not on the page. I tried to see what is the problem and how can I fix it for the time being. I tried to edit the photo and saw that it’s showing 2012 March — . I changed the date to 1. When I tried to click on “Done Editing” button, it said “You cannot move a story to a time later than when it was posted.”. I tried to change the date from 1 to –, and when I tried to save it, it again said that error. When I changed that to 2012 February 29, it saved and showed the photo after few posts.

Internet and the Web

How to show your Facebook profile picture as large as possible?

You might have seen, some people has large images on their Facebook profile as their profile picture and some other people have tiny profile pictures. Do you want to make your Facebook profile picture as large as possible? It’s easy. Facebook profile picture has no limit on their height. But the width of the picture is limited to 158 pixels. So when you upload a photo with higher width (higher than the height) and do not crop it, then Facebook reduces the width to 158 pixels. As the height is related to the width, to show the image properly, the height again decreases to much lower size. For example, if the width of your photo is 1600 pixels and the height of the picture is 900 pixels, then after uploading it as your profile picture, the width becomes the fixed width size, 158 pixels and the height becomes 89 pixels. So your profile picture looks smaller in size.

Internet and the Web

How to follow someone on Facebook

You must have heard about following people on Twitter and thinking the title of this post may be a mistake – it should be Twitter instead of Facebook. But I am aware that I am going to talk about “How to Follow on Faceook”.