Facebook Timeline for Pages issue on March 1st

Yesterday, Facebook started preview of Timeline for Pages. Many pages started using it too. Even we did for our Discover Bhubaneswar page. Yesterday it was working fine. But today, when we posted photos on our wall, it appeared on the news feed (home), but not on the page. I tried to see what is the problem and how can I fix it for the time being. I tried to edit the photo and saw that it’s showing 2012 March — . I changed the date to 1. When I tried to click on “Done Editing” button, it said “You cannot move a story to a time later than when it was posted.”. I tried to change the date from 1 to –, and when I tried to save it, it again said that error. When I changed that to 2012 February 29, it saved and showed the photo after few posts.

There are so many bugs in Facebook. The ‘uploader’ works in your local timezone. But the ‘timeline’ works in the server timezone, which I think must be in PST. So the timeline thinks the post is not yet ready to be displayed on it. And the ‘updater’ also thinks in the server timezone. (I think ‘updater’ is a good friend of ‘timezone’, he always thinks about ‘timezone’, before update anything).

I think this problem will happen today (1st March) only. Before it should happen again on 1st April, I think Facebook Developers will be able to fix this issue. The people living in the timezone same as the server timezone or to the west will not be affected. The people staying more towards east will be affected much. So let’s not worry for today and enjoy!





4 responses to “Facebook Timeline for Pages issue on March 1st”

  1. Tracy Avatar

    I’m from the east and it’s now 1st April, and I still get this problem 🙁

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      So it looks like Facebook did not fix this issue in this one month of time. They should have fixed this by now, as on 30th March they rolled out Timeline feature for all pages.

  2. Lauren Avatar

    It’s happening to me, and today is the 1st of April!

  3. Ozeki Avatar

    This happens again on June 1st, 2012

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