What AAP’s Bismaya Mahapatra should learn or change

Personally I don’t 100% agree with what people Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) say or do. But I support and advocate most of their vision and action, as they are the best alternative to any other traditional political party. If someone asks them about their ideology, most of the leaders of AAP, including Kumar Biswas (who speaks well and a lot), go blank. If you ask them about what are their vision regarding foreign policy or economic policy etc., either they ignore or divert the question by answering about corruption, Jan Lokpal Bill and Swaraj Bill. However, party’s leader Arvind Kejriwal smartly answers that Swaraj is the party’s ideology and if we will solve the issue of corruption, everything will be alright. Unfortunately, the people who asks about ideology, foreign policies or economic policies etc. to AAP, never ask those questions to other parties and their leaders, at least in my knowledge. I don’t think a common citizen of India understands what the economic/foreign policy of Congress or BJP/Modi.

I did not know who Bismaya Mahapatra is until AAP selected him as the MP candidate for Bhubaneswar constituency. He is young (yes, 49 years is considered young these days in our country where most of the leaders like the President, the Prime Minister and many more are aged around 80), well educated (PGDM from XIMB), worked with corporates and NGOs and then founded his own NGO and company. So, he is an entrepreneur and social activist at the same time. Like almost every candidate from AAP, he is not a criminal. So, he is a good person to represent us in the parliament.

But he needs to learn few things or need to change something. If you are wondering what, then let me explain an incident which happened a couple of days ago.

A couple of days ago AAP installed a billboard poster near the Airport of the city. I liked the idea of placing the billboard poster near the Airport as most of the people who use the Airport are educated and they need to notice AAP and its candidate. So on a photo I commented this:

Airport? Good location for the billboard.

So, it was a question to confirm the location and an appreciation of the location.

After few minutes I got a reply from the page. I was curious and when read it, I got little confused. The reply was:

Ready to sponsor a few hoardings where you can incorporate your suggestions? If not……..learn to appreciate. Someone has been very generous, someone has been very kind to sponsor this. Gratitude does not cost anything and it takes you far in life!

I did not understand whether I said anything wrong. I was also wondering why Bismaya Mahapatra is so insensitive. So, I replied:

Did I say anything wrong?

After few more minutes I got another insensitive reply to explain the reason of his insensitivity. His reply was:

To my mind ‘talk without action’ is wrong and NOT AAP’s way of functioning. This person has been kind enough to contribute this – that is his action for AAP and you are criticising it. May i ask what is YOUR ACTION for AAP?

Then I replied with the following comments:

I am still wondering where I made mistake. I am wondering why you misread my appreciation as a criticism.

Regarding my action – why should I tell you what action I took for the betterment of my country? I am not a person who brags about my contribution. Even though I have contributed to AAP, I am not bound to contribute to AAP. I am interested to contribute for my country and this time I did via AAP. But I can keep contributing in other channels.

Even though I have not criticised anything, you should handle positive criticism better. Critics do the ACTION by criticising, but I appreciate when it’s positive criticism. To be a better person, learn how to appreciate positive criticism and grow with it. It will be useful when I or any other critic will try to help you with your positive criticism.

I was expecting another reply for the page and perhaps an apology. But next day I found that they have deleted their second comment. Luckily I had captured a screenshot, before they delete it.

I think Bismaya Mahapatra must be busy with campaigning and might not have enough time to manage the page. Also he can’t be so stupid. And the admin of the page didn’t read through & thought of my appreciation as criticism. So, they should change the admin or the page. It’s important for Bismaya Mahapatra to manage his page himself or assign someone more sensible to admin the page.

And if he is managing the page himself and replied to my comments, then he should learn few things: to be sensitive, appreciate positive criticism and apologise. Deleting your comment (after understanding your mistake) without facing it (counter attack or apologise) is an act of a coward. If he learns these, then he will progress better and will be successful.

I also gave him another suggestion:

I think you should have used a banner in English, as many young and educated people in Bhubaneswar can’t read Odia.

NB: He had also edited his first reply after three seconds, which I noticed after writing this post. He had added a couple of more lines. Here is that:

AAP does not have money bags but AAP has genuine well-wishers. Each one of them is precious. I treasure them and if you are an AAP supporter it would do well for you to do the same.





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