It’s their mistake

Recently Delhi is suffering due to major power crisis. It’s duty of the Delhi Govt. to restore the situation. Well, where is Delhi Govt.? There is no Govt. at Delhi. There is president rule in Delhi. So, it’s the duty of Central Govt. of India to solve all the issues in Delhi. But instead of doing their duty, they started blaming other. They blamed Congress who were in power for last 15 years and AAP who were in power for just 49 days for current situation. This situation created after a storm. Instead of doing their duty, how can they blame Congress and AAP for this? It’s understandable that Congress might be responsible for a bad infrastructure for electricity distribution in Delhi. But what AAP could have done in just 49 days to improve it?

Now you can blame AAP for resigning from the Govt. in just 49 days. If they would have been in Govt. till now, then there would be a better situation in Delhi now. I understand this. Now let’s the blame game continue. Now you should blame to people of Delhi, who did not vote for AAP to give them a clear majority. And to continue the blame game, you think who else are responsible for it.

You can also differ a little and blame the people who did vote AAP. If they would have voted for BJP, then BJP could have been running the Govt. now. But this does not make much sense. As currently they are in power at the centre, but they have forgotten about Delhi and their duties. So, who guarantees that they would have done good, if they would have been in power?

Continue the blame game until you find everyone responsible.





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