Irony of Indian Cricket Fans

Sachin Tendulkar is a great cricketer. And he will continue his legendary. He is god of cricket. After his retirement everyone will miss him. But what’s going on since past few days is ridiculous.

Some people are saying that Sachin is not retiring from cricket, cricket is getting retired from Sachin. What kind of bullshit is this? I have seen use of this kind of sentence for funny lines. And you are saying this seriously with tears in your eyes?

Some people are saying this there is no cricket without Sachin. Probably they will stop watching cricket after this. Sachin has retired from T20Is and ODIs, since a long time. You stopped watching those formats of the game? I bet no one is going to stop watching cricket after this match.

BBCI tried to organise last two matches of Sachin Tendulkar in India. This is good. He could have asked a stronger team than WI to play the series. But I don’t think any team was available. So, it’s OK. But some people don’t want the team India to win the match. They just want to see Sachin batting. They feel bad if some indian bowler takes a wicket. They felt good when first two wickets of Indian batsmen fell down. And they love to see every wicket of Indian batsmen falling down. Now they want WI batsmen to bat well and Indian bowlers to bowl bad, so that Sachin can bat again. Where is cricket in this? If you want to watch Sachin batting, then organise an exhibition match and see him batting throughout the day. Make it even better. Invite all great bowlers from around the world and ask them to bowl a couple of overs to Sachin and see him batting.

So, what the fans are trying to prove? They are just pretending (on social media) that they are the greatest fan on Sachin. Please stop these bullshits and watch good cricket. Sachin will be always there in our heart.





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