I Love My India

What an Indian should do?

Recently Priya Ramani wrote an article, on which she explained why she don’t like to be an Indian. Many people started to hate her after reading that article. I liked the main idea behind the article. However, I did not like what she wrote about Lord Ram. My view is, if you don’t believe in Ramayana, as true, then no need to treat it as true. Just treat it as an novel or story. You are writing a good article, and in excitement or intentionally, you should not write something which may hurt someone’s religious views. Whatever be the religion, you should not criticize the religion like this, with some baseless comment. However, you should point out what’s wrong to humankind in that religion.

I always say “I proud to be an Indian”, “I love my India” etc. I don’t find enough reason to justify what I say. My question to those people, who ask why should they proud to be an Indian or why should they love India: “Do you find reasons to love your mother?”. So no need to find any reasons to justify your love to your nation. In this post I will focus on some points which an (or every) Indian should. If people will follow these rules, then a day will come, those people who think they should not be an Indian will feel ashamed.