What an Indian should do?

Recently Priya Ramani wrote an article, on which she explained why she don’t like to be an Indian. Many people started to hate her after reading that article. I liked the main idea behind the article. However, I did not like what she wrote about Lord Ram. My view is, if you don’t believe in Ramayana, as true, then no need to treat it as true. Just treat it as an novel or story. You are writing a good article, and in excitement or intentionally, you should not write something which may hurt someone’s religious views. Whatever be the religion, you should not criticize the religion like this, with some baseless comment. However, you should point out what’s wrong to humankind in that religion.

I always say “I proud to be an Indian”, “I love my India” etc. I don’t find enough reason to justify what I say. My question to those people, who ask why should they proud to be an Indian or why should they love India: “Do you find reasons to love your mother?”. So no need to find any reasons to justify your love to your nation. In this post I will focus on some points which an (or every) Indian should. If people will follow these rules, then a day will come, those people who think they should not be an Indian will feel ashamed.

No Indian should spit on road, on corners of public or private offices, or any public or others private places. The only place they should spit is a trash bin or special spit boxes or on a wash basin. If you are spiting on a wash basin, then please run the water to clean it. What’s the main reason of an Indian’s spit so much and anywhere they want. Because they eat paan and gutkha (a tobacco product). Eating paan without tobacco is not bad. This is a part of our culture. So we can’t ask people to stop eating paan. Instead we (means our govt.) should make arrangements, so that people can spit at the right place. I don’t eat paan. But when I have a cough, I always look for a suitable place to spit it. I don’t spit it on everywhere. And I understand difficulty of finding a suitable place to spit. By the way, why there is no law against spitting on public places, like smoking in the public spaces?

No Indian should litter on everywhere. In India, most of the place look like a litter graveyard. Road to train, everywhere people litter without thinking for a second. Some people don’t use litter box where available, just put their waste anywhere. And sometimes I find difficulty to find a litter box to dispose my waste. Why there is not enough litter boxes everywhere? By the way, why there is no law against litter on public places?

There are many such small but serious activities not to be done by any Indian. If I will write one by one, then the post will be much longer and no one will read this. But why people do what they should not do. Nothing will change by this post. Most of the people who do those activities will never read this post. So, what should we do? We should educate them. This is something which will change India. How many people educate their children not to spit or litter on public places. Instead those people do all the wrong activities in front of their children. If you ask why are you doing this wrong stuff, the answer may come like these: “What’s your problem?”, “What’s wrong with this?”, “Everyone is doing this, will you stop them?” etc. Still we have to stop them and educate them. Nothing will change by criticizing them or writing an article which will create a buzz to get fame.





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  1. Robin Thomas Avatar

    Can you pls add the link to her blog ?

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Here it is:

      I don’t want to make this popular, so did not link to this article.

  2. gautom Avatar

    not just education, have seen mostly educated people living in urban India more and more irresponsible and self-centered; bringing disgrace to the nation. I myself must have done this so many times to realize it later yet do it again. Its sad I am such a disgrace, I will keep working to be better.

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I have also seen many educated people doing this. Then the question comes, should we call them educated?

      Someone, who knows how to read and write, we call them “literate”. And someone, who has studied more and have a degree, we call them “educated”. Then what should we call that person, who has a bachelor degree or any other degree and litter or spit everywhere? I think, we should call them “educated illiterate”.

  3. Abinash Avatar

    A smart Indian will always think smartly, but an educated Indian will prefer to remain silent, because he may not appear too smart to the society he begins to change. There is no law in the world to suppress the thinking style. An attitude is what has been changing since time immemorial. Only education wont fulfill the purpose of a beautiful nation. A new way of thinking is to be invented and successfully and heartily practiced.I think then only something can happen.As far as initiative is concerned, this blog will also be helpful…

  4. Rajesh Avatar

    {forgive my english} I definitely agree with abinash and gautom. Education is not only the cure for this problem. Cos
    i) everytime we eat in a hotel where a child is serving food or cleaning tables, and we sympathize abt him for a day or two,
    ii) watching a crime near us happening and not willing to complaint abt it or try to stop it, (cos it will spoil our precious time or afraid of the police investigations may be harm to us )
    these were done by the education people only.

    So may be I think Presidency rule must be deployed in India, people like abdul kalam as president , there wnt be a lot of politicians to involve and corrupt. but it will be a bitter pill to swallow for the ordinary citizen in case of a emergency period govt. But tht cud be the only cure for this corrupted govt.

  5. Subhralin Avatar

    on this date the queue of those standing who have be somehow indulged in any droplets that you showered in this post might touch the deepest horizon in comparison with the queue where those standing tall to personify themselves as honest Indians.

    keep tantalizing our living but yet dead green nerves through such articles.

    all the best Bhiaya!!!


  6. Daljit Kaur Matharu Avatar
    Daljit Kaur Matharu

    My husband and I have just retired from our bussiness in UK and we both decided to make our home in Punjab. We are in a village and we decided that we will go around schools and teach children NOT to through litter etc… We displayed poster to recycle our garabage and reuse plastic bags or burn them when we do our cooking on open fire. We made some cloth bags for the village people and asked them to use them for there shopping so they do not use plastic bags. We both went around the village with five cleaners to clean the gutters and asked nicely to all the shopper keepers to keep litter free around them. We did lot of work around the village to make it clean and litter free, BUT IT ONLY LASTED FOR ONE MONTH. I blame the goverment for not doing anythink about the garabage and litter everwhere. It is very sad and breaks our hearts to see plastic any where you go in India. Yes now a days we have also got wedding place where lot of food is wasted and lot of plastic is used and then it is all thrown in the near by field where we grow wheat and rice.

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I really appreciate what you did. And again it’s disappointing it does not work after 1 successful month. And it’s true that our Govt. is not taking appropriate action to make our county clean and litter free. Again, if we think, who is out Govt., it’s we the people who make the Govt.. We need to come ahead and start making our country clean and litter free, at least 50% of the work. And then, we as the Govt. will do the rest.

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