Photos which speak

When I started this blog, I decided to have a image or photo on every post. I was inspired by few other bloggers. I even was using few photos in most of the post on DpsTechno, my old technology blog. I mainly look for Creative Commons images on Flickr. I even selected themes, which will allow the featured image to display on the home page. Before I switched over to the current theme (Traction), there was at least one image associated with each post. The typography and semi-minimalistic design of the current theme forced me to use it. This theme supports featured image, but I don’t like the way it supports. So, I stopped using mandatory images for the posts. Not having any image on posts has a negative impact on few things. But if you love to be minimalistic then you can ignore it.

Many bloggers and even I, love to include one photo related to the topic. There are few other bloggers too, who just put any image to their blog. That taste is different, but good. Depending upon the source and type (like copyright etc.) of the image, it’s difficult to search a good image, which is related to your topic. For example, you need to search for a photo, which defines ‘love’. It’s easy. You will get many photos. Similarly, when you search for a photo of a mountain, you will get many. But when you will search a photo, which will show you “mistake”, then it’s difficult to find one. But sometimes, I get lucky. And found a good photo with a rare keyword. I want to share those, so I created a new category on this blog: “Photos which speak”. This category will only feature images, which are CC and express some keyword. Keep reading.

It would be much easier. If the photographers will perfectly add the tags, or keywords. But it’s also difficult to find the exact keyword for them, unless they want to sell. I tried to search a good image for this post with the keywords like “speak”, “speak up” etc. But it’s really though to get what I exactly want. When I searched for “voice”, found this.






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