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Red and the Fire – RCB Mighty 14 at Kolkata

Red and Gold – really appealing. But Royal Challengers Bangalore was not among my favorite in the first version of IPL. But in the 2.0 version, I got attracted by the great captaincy of Anil Kumble and great performance of the team. I don’t remember exactly when I become a member in the RCB fan club. There are many teams in the world (I am not talking about IPL or cricket, over all sports and leagues) and most have a great and loyal fan base. But RCB is special, as it’s loyal to its fanatic fans too. I came to know about Mighty 14 contest and applied. I was not serious in this contest, as I was thinking this will be very difficult one to get selected, so I did not tried to get votes for me. But I came to know that I was selected for the Might 14 Kolkata. And all was set for a great and unforgettable day in my life.