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  • How to follow someone on Facebook

    You must have heard about following people on Twitter and thinking the title of this post may be a mistake – it should be Twitter instead of Facebook. But I am aware that I am going to talk about “How to Follow on Faceook”.

  • QT QuTee – a Quicker way to Tweet

    Just around an hour ago I launched my first Twitter application: QT QuTee. QT or QuTee or Quick Tweet – whatever you may prefer to call it. It enables you to tweet quickly without opening Twitter. And most importantly, you can’t do anything except that. This the beauty of QuTee. I wanted it to be…

  • Twitter remembers one username on Firefox, but not the other

    Since few days I am experiencing this issue. I was logged in to Twitter with my primary twitter account @debiprasad on Firefox and I had selected to remember that log in. I decided to use Twitter with my primary account on Chrome and use another Twitter account on Firefox. So, I signed out, and signed…

  • reCaptcha Fail Whale Gravatar

    reCaptcha Fail Whale Gravatar

    This is the season of seminars and projects in Engineering colleges in Odisha (For 7th semester students). When I was in my 7th semester, most students were coping ready made seminars from other students or seniors. Some people search on internet for a ready made seminars. A very few students were doing research on their…

  • Retweet Feature of Twitter and Future of Twitter Apps

    Twitter introduced Retweet feature few days after introducing lists feature. Now many questions arises on our mind. What are the advantages? How will affect the way people use twitter? What are the changes need to be adopted by web applications?