24 – First Episode

Last night they started the telecast 24, an Indian television drama series based on the American series of the same name, on Colors channel. I knew about 24 before, but never watched this. While Anil Kapoor is trying to change the Indian television prime time trend set by Ekta Kapoor, I wanted to watch it. From the promos I was finding it interesting. And it proved right. However I found a couple of things, which I would like to criticize: One is a mistake in the making and another is bounced over me a little.

The scenes of the series runs in real-time. This means every second you watch on the screen is happening at the exact time in the story. You are watching everything happening at a location unless the scene shifts to another location. In a scene Trisha Rathod (played by Tisca Chopra), wife of Jai Singh Rathod (played by Anil Kapoor), founds that her daughter is not at home. She searches for her and then calls Rathod. Rathod asks her, whether she tried to call the phone of their daughter. She replies something similar to “of course, I did that”. We are watching everything in real-time. We are with her since she found her daughter missing to this time. How did we miss the scene, when she called her daughter?

Towards the end of the episode, a terrorist kills a photographer and an air hostess, plants a time bomb, which was hidden in the fire extinguisher, jumps from the flight. And then the bomb blasts in the flight. It was required to kill the photographer and get his smart card ID, to kill the air hostess, but was it really required explode the international aeroplane? This one bounced over me. And I think no one will talk about this incident in this series anymore. This incident will not be broadcasted in news channels. Let’s see. I am going to watch episode 2 tonight.





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  1. ustadbhaigautom Avatar

    how was the second episode…. I have seen couple of seasons of the original American series

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      It was also good. And they proved me wrong. They have mentioned about the air crash a couple of times, but still it’s too much for me.

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