A day in a Cafe

I was sitting in a cafe. The cafe is a branch of a famous cafe chain. Very good design of interiors, very stylish furniture. And a beautiful lady was siting next to me on my table. She was so sexy and beautiful. We ordered some drink. When the drink served by the waiter, we found a free gift from the cafe. A movie for a couple in a very good multiplex. The first order price was be around 170 rupees. We ordered something more.

We did not choose to go for a movie, instead we watch a program in the same cafe. I went to the wash room and came back. We ordered some other items. Now it’s time to pay the bill. I just saw a news on a magazine, a cafe of the same cafe chain has made fraud and charged thirty thousand rupees to a customer. I was just getting socked and the waiter asked, “Do you have a credit card with high limit?”. I said “No, I don’t have credit card, I have three debit cards, you accept debit cards, right?”. He said “Yes, but do you have enough money to pay the bill?”. “Of course” I said and looked into the bill. I was shocked! The bill was for sixty four thousand! Two people on a cafe and a bill of rupees sixty four thousand! I asked “How?” and I found that we have spend thirty six thousand in the multiplex and some more in other places and I have to pay those. I did not understand what’s happening there. Then the waiter said he will help me to investigate where it gone wrong. I took the multiplex tickets and rushed with the waiter.

We were walking and I open the cover of the ticket. I found the ticket was not used. I thought how we went there and spend thirty six thousands. The waiter said just see below that ticket. I found two more tickets were taken out from the cover. Then after 5 minutes we reached in a big research center. We opened the door and saw a scientist was teaching some other scientists. I said hello to all and after two minutes all the scientist left the hall expect the teacher. I told the situation to him and then scroll down and found signature of a friend in the email. I realized that I was reading the story in a email. Then I wake up and found that it’s a dream! My mother was in kitchen and the smell of good food was flowing in our bedroom from the kitchen.

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