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  • Eclairs to Froyo

    Eclairs to Froyo

    Few months back, I felt like I should have a smartphone, which may make me smart. So, I was planning to get a Samsung Galaxy 3, which was a good Android phone on a low budget, as per the reviews I came across the web. And I got a good deal online, so I bought…

  • A day in a Cafe

    I was sitting in a cafe. The cafe is a branch of a famous cafe chain. Very good design of interiors, very stylish furniture. And a beautiful lady was siting next to me on my table. She was so sexy and beautiful. We ordered some drink. When the drink served by the waiter, we found…

  • Yours is Ringing!

    You must be thinking what’s the title of this post mean? Well, I inspired by one dialogue of movie Namaste London, which says “Bhai saab, aapki ghanti baj rahi hai”, in Hindi. This mean: “Brother, your phone is ringing”. Also, when someone is tensed and confused, then also people say the same words!