Yours is Ringing!

You must be thinking what’s the title of this post mean? Well, I inspired by one dialogue of movie Namaste London, which says “Bhai saab, aapki ghanti baj rahi hai”, in Hindi. This mean: “Brother, your phone is ringing”. Also, when someone is tensed and confused, then also people say the same words!

When I came to Cuttack, after leaving Chennai, one of the most important task was to get a mobile SIM. I was impressed by the service provided by Airtel (I was using Airtel broadband in Chennai), so decided to buy one Airtel SIM. I got bit unlucky and the SIM I choose (with a number which would have very lucky number for me) did not work. Then I got another SIM. I did not compare other carriers with Airtel and just opted to have it. Then I realized that Airtel does not have any really good offers or tariff plan. Whereas other carriers have many good tariff plans. Still it’s a tough task for me to choose anyone of them. Airtel have some plans which may interest you after hearing it first, but when you go deep to it, you will find that they are just bluffing their customers by those plan. For example a power plus which costs Rs 97 reduces your tariff rate, but this is valid for only 30 days, and I don’t think I make more than 97 calls in a month. So, the plan is not for me. Similarly, some other plan which may interest you, that came with some other hidden costs. So, in simple don’t choose Airtel in Orissa.

I am unable to decide which one to take. However there is one advantage now, all SIMs come with lifetime plan, so just use the one which has good tariff plan but don’t use that as your primary number. So, anyone have to keep at least two phones, one for primary number and other to change SIM and make a call. But it’s not that convenience way.

Now leave mobile phones, let’s talk about other services from BSNL. BSNL being a Govt. sector company did not leave its old dirty road. Let’s start with Broadband. They provide broadband service which does not work and when we call customer care, they say “It’s rainy season, so these problem will be there”. The people who sit for customer care never tried to help to solve the problem by telephone (Airtel customer care do). They just log your complain, which will be forwarded to another team, who may solve the problem in (or after) 24 hours. There was a week, in which I made 5 such complains. And if you need ISD facility in your phone, then it’s a long process!

After all these telecommunication drama, the bell of my brain is ringing!

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