Odisha’s Got Talent

“Utkarsha kala ra desha… Utkala” – Country of excellent arts… Utkala (the old name of Odisha/Orissa). Odisha is full of excellent arts. Let it be beautiful status and temples (Sun temple of Konark, Shri Jagannath temple, Puri are few names from the pool), Tarakashi (Filigrees made from silver wires) of Cuttack, Chadua (Applique works) of Pipili. I named few arts and handicrafts here, but there are many, I will discuss them in detail later. Dance art of Odishi is also world famous. In addition to all these arts, the sand art done by few talented youth on the Puri beach is also caught the eye of world in recent years.

The performance by Prince Dance Group at India’s Got Talent show has made people astonished. They made every Odia, every Indian to proud. Prince Dance Group consists of few daily laborer, who work at brick manufactures to provide some food for the family. They work hard in day and practice at night to keep their passion alive. And their hard work has ripen now. They are one the best talents in India and in the World. They don’t wear nicely designed costumes, because they don’t have money to spend on that, instead they spend around a hundred rupees and bit the requirement of costumes. This came as an advantage in their act. The creativity, the thought, the formation, the coordination among them are outstanding. That made Odisha, India and even the World to say “Jai ho! Prince Dance Group”.

When I saw “Susan Boyle” hitting top of the trending topic in twitter, I came to know about Britain’s Got Talent show. Then I started browsing all videos of that event in YouTube. I saw all performance of Susan Boyle, the popular British talent and Diversity, the winner of Britain’s Got Talent. I too love to watch Hollie Steel. But when I saw Prince Dance Group performs, I could only say, they are the best in the world. And they don’t need to hit trending topic in twitter to be knows as great, their great performance made them great.

I remember, once I watched a video at YouTube of the reality singing competition – Voice of India. On the introduction video of the singer, who represented Odisha, they said people of Odisha love art, love music, but people from the poor state can’t show their love sending vote via SMS (which costs Rs 3/-). Yes, that comment is true. There are people, who own a cellphone but they are capable to recharge only a Rs 10 voucher once in a month. I have money to send a SMS or Two like that, but I never send such SMS to vote for any contest. But how we expect the people of Odisha to vote spending Rs 3.00? So, I had a fear in my heart that despite of such good performance they might not be the winner. But first time in Odisha, I saw interest to vote among all Odia. Everyone was voting form Odisha. Even I voted and form my family all voted. I saw people doing worship at temple to see the Prince wining the show. Prince made it true, they win hearts of every Odia, every Indian and all admire of art from all over the world.

Here are their performance in the program…





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