Eclairs to Froyo

Few months back, I felt like I should have a smartphone, which may make me smart. So, I was planning to get a Samsung Galaxy 3, which was a good Android phone on a low budget, as per the reviews I came across the web. And I got a good deal online, so I bought it. I got my first Android, with Eclairs (Android 2.1 is called as Eclairs).

I started using it. The first thing I hated about the phone is the bad battery backup. And few days later, I found that the phone has weak WiFi reception capability. But one day I saw a warning notification, that the memory of the phone is getting filled up. And it stopped synchronizing too. I thought, I have a 2 GB MicroSD card and I just installed few apps. Then how it shows memory is getting filled up? Then I found that, in Android 2.1 apps does not install on MicroSD card, instead they install on the phone memory. But Android 2.2 allows apps to install on the memory card. Another feature I was missing, though I don’t require this much, was voice search etc. Then I waiting for Android 2.2 (Froyo) update on my phone, like an indian farmer waits for rain. While other models and brands are getting Froyo update, the Froyo update for Samsung Galaxy 3 was getting delayed.

Then I saw features of LG Optimus One. This was coming with Froyo. And I got impressed by knowing that this phone can be used as a WiFi hub. Personally, I don’t like LG products. Then I thought I could have bought this LG Optimus One.

Finally, few weeks ago, I came to know that Froyo update for Samsung Galaxy 3 is out. I got excited, and tried to update this. Hours after, the update was being downloaded and going to be almost completed, and I think my internet got disconnected for few seconds and the update process failed. I tried once again. This time it again downloaded the whole content. And while updating the phone, it failed. And it asked to do Emergency Firmware Recovery. And while doing this Emergency Firmware Recovery, it failed again and again. After it failed many times and many times when I did not able to start the process, I felt like I can’t update this myself and need to go to the service center (Luckily, it was in the warranty period). But in the final attempt, it started recovering the firmware. And when the Emergency Firmware Recovery completed and the phone started with the Froyo.

And soon I found many more features in Froyo, which I was missing in Eclairs. I feel like everything is improved. I witnessed the change – the change from Eclairs to Froyo. And I felt very happy. Then I realized, what I gained by buying a phone with Eclairs. And I am waiting for the next Change.





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