How to make your costumers to love you?

When you are selling something, the biggest achievement is when your customers love you. When your customers love you, they return to your business themselves and also they recommend your business to others. So how to make your customers happy and make them to love you? I am not an expert in these, but I love to share my opinions on this.

Few weeks ago, I ordered a photo mug from for almost free of cost, I just paid Rs 50 for shipping only. After they delivered the product, they sent me an email asking about a feedback survey (which may take 2 minutes of my time). I am already happy with their customer service, so I did not hesitate to spend two minutes for them. Their customer service is good and my two minutes feedback will help them to make their service better. And after I filled up the feedback form, which took just 1 minute, they offered me a discount voucher of Rs 100. Which can be used, if I purchase any product priced Rs 200 or more within 1 month. They could have just simply printed “Thank You” on the browser, like the did after the survey. Instead they opted to send me a discount voucher to appreciate my feedback. In return they got many advantages. They gave me another reason to like them. And as they provided me a promotional discount voucher (I will tell more about promotional discount vouchers in a new post soon), they may able sell me another product. And obviously, they can improve their service with my feedback.

When I found any extremely good offer at, I make a purchase. I have ordered two flipbooks (photo books) from them and every time they have sent me a 50% discount voucher on my next photo book purchase. This is another way to say “thank you” to your customer. And the promotional discount voucher can make another sale for them.

So, I will tell few points to make your customers satisfied, happy and to love you.

  • If you are having a offline business, when any potential customer arrive at your place, welcome them with a smile. And if you are a online business, make your website such that when any potential customer visit your website, they will feel welcomed. It’s much important how you design your online shop.
  • At offline stores, the customer should have a good shopping experience. Understand what they need. Show them many such stuff, which they will like. Don’t ask for their budget to show them limited stuff within their budget. Often, business owners and sells persons think that if they will ask the budget, they will have less effort to display the products, only in that range. If you show them many products without knowing their budget, you will have to spend more effort, they many not buy the product out of their range now. But they may comeback with a higher budget in future.

    Similarly, at online stores, make it easier for the customer to browse more products. Make their experience a better one.

  • Ask your customers tea, coffee, juice or soft drinks. And if it’s an online shop, treat them with an exciting offer.
  • When they complete their purchase, offer them some discount on their next purchase. This will boost the process of their comeback to your store.
  • Provide an awesome customer service. Your customer should feel that you care for them. Make the return, exchange and refund processes easier and faster.
  • Always ask for a feedback.
  • And thank you in a style, they will love.





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