A Middle Click of Your Mouse

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Very less people aware about the 3rd button of their mouse. They only know the left button, right button and scroll wheel. But they don’t know that if they press the wheel, this will work as the third button or middle click. And using this 3rd button or middle click they can do several things in their computer life. Let’s discuss about this third button/middle click use.

The most popular use of this third button is to scroll any web page or similar scrollable pages. Just click the middle button and move your mouse pointer where you want to scroll (continuous scroll, till it reaches top, end, left or right). It works for up, down, left and right (both vertical and horizontal scrolls). The distance between the point where you make the middle click and the current position of the cursor decides the speed of scrolling, if you keep it near, then the page will scroll slowly else if the distance is more, it will scroll fast.

Another most important use is Open Link in a New Tab. Middle click on any link on any webpage, it will open in a new tab. It works in all the browsers with tabbed browsing feature.

Another common use of third button is in Computer Games. Many games uses this button as a control. If you are a gamer, then must be knowing this.

Another use (but not that good) of it to close any tab in Mozilla Firefox. Just make a middle click and that tab will be closed.

Among all those uses, I use this to open a link in a new tab frequently. There are other uses of it and I may not aware of it. If you know any other use please comment here.

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3 responses to “A Middle Click of Your Mouse”

  1. debasish Avatar

    Yea i screwed my Microsoft wireless mouse by middle clicking it like crazy (for firefox new tbs 😉 ). Poor thing died a premature horrible death in just 2/3 months 😀

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      May His (Her) Soul Rest in Peace!

  2. Debiprasad Avatar

    You can open a new tab by double clicking on the free space near the tabs in Firefox. This feature might be somewhat useful (for the user doesn’t want to touch the keys or you can say love mouse very much), when there were no button to open a new tab. However it was always good to press Ctrl + T instead of searching for a few space to double click!

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