Attitude of a Winner

I watched the episodes of the competitive cooking game show MasterChef India 2. As some of you must know, that I love food, so I like this show. Among those 50 contestants in the bootcamp, one girl caught my attention. Not because of her cooking skills or the food she prepared, but because of her attitude (and for her beauty too). She is none other than Amrita Sodhi, 29 years Business Woman from Delhi.

Yes, the attitude, the attitude of a winner. She did not perform well in the bootcamp, perhaps because of a little overconfidence (in the first round) or ill luck and failed to enter the MasterChef kitchen. But whenever I saw her on the TV screen, she looked happy, she was smiling, she was looking confident, she was singing, she was congratulating, she was hugging others and she was looking like a winner. She is the winner of her life.

She is a really inspiration for me. And to be a winner, we need to have the winning attitude like her. Whether we win or loose, we should not fail. The smile on our face, the happiness of participating and doing our best should be with us, while knowing the result. Then we can be winners of life.

Update: I learned from the stats of this blog that many people want to know about the song Amrita sang on her last episode of MasterChef India 2. So, I decided to help them by providing more info on this. She sang the song “Sabse Peeche Hum Khade” from the movie Aao Wish Karein.






4 responses to “Attitude of a Winner”

  1. Gautom Avatar

    now I am looking for the episode in you tube 🙂

  2. shikha Avatar

    thanx i hv been luking for the song for last so many husband loved the song and the way amrita sang……now i can get him this song easily thanx

  3. Amrita Avatar

    Its Almost a Year …………Thank u so much ……………i am really touched to read this article ……………….I have always believed in being positive in life .
    I Really believe that Indian Reality shows should not play on emotions but the content .

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Thank you a lot Amrita. Thank you for inspiring once again. Merry Christmas.

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