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  • Just bought a new external hard disk drive?

    If data is your life, then you can’t afford to lose it. And who knows, at what moment your data will be get lost? So it’s always better to take a backup of your data in regular interval. You may back it up in the cloud, which is the most reliable option, as services like…

  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc or Ctrl + Alt + Delete

    Couple of months back, I created a simple survey to know how many people follow the myth in computing. The people who participated in the survey are comfortable with computers and Internet. They were interested to get a Google Wave invite at the time of the survey taken. The question asked in the survey was:…

  • Web Shortcuts on your Desktop

    Do you want to create a shortcut of any of your favorite or most used websites? You might have heard of Google Calendar or Gmail shortcuts on desktop. You might have heard web shortcuts in Google Chrome. Do you want to create such a shortcut which will open in other browser of your choice. I…

  • Few Blogging Tips

    I am not an expert like ProBlogger or to give you expert blogging tips. But from my past experience, I would like to share a few.

  • Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Editing

    This post was originally posted on Debiprasad’s Techno Expressions Today I read a blog Keyboard Shortcut to Jump Over Words. This reminded me to post all the similar shortcuts I am using while editing any text or code.