Few Blogging Tips

I am not an expert like ProBlogger or labnol.org to give you expert blogging tips. But from my past experience, I would like to share a few.

  • If you are a new to world of blogging and want to start a blog, then I don’t recommend you to have a self hosted blog powered with WordPress or any other blog engine. You can choose any of the hosted and free solutions. WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr. If you want to start earning with your blog posts using Adsense, then choose Blogger, else WordPress.com or Tumblr are the better options.
  • Tumblr is a nice free service, with so many advanced features. There you can customize your design template and the features are great.
  • When you are writing a blog, don’t use Bold letters unnecessarily. If and only if use bold letters when necessary. Also don’t write your post or some part of the post in all caps. They are not good to read.
  • Also don’t use different colors unless they are so much needed. I am telling you to do this because you might like to change the theme and all these colors may not look good in all designs.
  • Carefully choose the theme/template of your blog, if you are writing too much, then please choose a simple design, that will look cool and appeal the reader to read more. In those cases choose a template with a white or any other lighter background. The sans serif fonts, they are good to read on the screen.
  • Don’t try to copy others’ content, try to create your original, that will attract people to read you. Whenever you are using content of any other, then provide proper credit to the original. Don’t violate copyright laws.
  • Don’t put ads here and there and make your blog look ugly, placing more ad does not mean more clicks and more money. If you write good content, less ad blocks with good placement will give you good money.

If you have a good blog, please share here, I will like to visit them.

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