Ta-da List Retired, what are you using?

When I came to know about Ta-da List (I don’t remember how), I got very much impressed with the simplicity of the app. I able to do what I needed. So, I started using it. It became one of my favorite to-do list application. And I am using it not just as a to-do list app.

Now they retired it. But I can still access the lists I have already created and even I can create new list. It just stopped getting new sign ups. According to them, there are dozens and dozens of great free to-do list apps on the web and dozens more on the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. So, what are you using as your to-do list app?

I tried to find some good to-do lists app for my Android phone. I installed few. No one did not impress me much. There is a mobile version of Ta-da List available. Which I access on my Android browser. Remember The Milk (which was considered as a competing app of Ta-da List) did not impress me much. Anyways, I should try this again. Then I found another good app called as Wunderlist. This one is impressive too.

Since a couple of years, I am thinking to create an app with some features to create simple lists, not to-do lists. But unfortunately I did not started working on it yet. I think I should start working on those soon. Anyways, don’t forget to tell me which to-do list apps are you using.






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