Entrepreneur merged with and ditched convenience of its customers

I needed a digital invoice of a product I ordered from So, I opened the website and found that a notice which says that in order to further improve our (whoever) shopping experience, they have integrated their operations with the largest player in the category – This is good. But where can I access my order history?

They wrote it there:

For our existing customers, your order history and status remains secure with us. You can get all details about your existing orders by dialing : 0124 4901234 (from 8 AM to 9 PM )

How inconvenience is this? They should have merged the accounts with Flipkart. It feels like they are going to stop their business, because Flipkart wanted them to stop competing and paid some money to get the return of their investment. It does not feel like they are still doing the business after merging with Flipkart.