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Framebar and the problem

Few months back, Digg introduced a product called DiggBar and there was a lot of hungama (buzz) around the world wild web. If you wonder what’s a framebar, then let me describe that in some simple words. Framebar is a webpage with a toolbar looking area at the top and a iframe in which a website is displayed. If you understand what DiggBar is then that’s a perfect example of framebar. Other major examples of framebars are: Google Search Cached Page, Google Image Search result, Google Translate, StumbleUpon framebar, AddThis framebar etc. While doing some reasearch regarding these framebars, I found that facebook was using its framebar sometimes back. Well I am not going to talk about sharing search engine juice with these framebars, I am going to talk about how these framebars create navigational problem sometimes.

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Web Shortcuts on your Desktop

Do you want to create a shortcut of any of your favorite or most used websites? You might have heard of Google Calendar or Gmail shortcuts on desktop. You might have heard web shortcuts in Google Chrome. Do you want to create such a shortcut which will open in other browser of your choice. I will tell how to make these shortcuts. It’s too easy and you don’t need any other tool. I assume that you use Windows.

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