Category: Coding and Logic

  • Numbers Logic Challenge

    I got awesome response to the previous MySQL Challenge. Awesome means, I got 6 responses, out of which 5 are correct (working) solutions and 2 are optimized solutions. You must be thinking, just 6 responses, but I am saying awesome. Yes, in my opinion quality is what matters, not quantity. I will explain the solution […]

  • MySQL Challenge Contest

    While we were working at Indibits, on a project, we had a small requirement. We had to calculate all sign ups so far in this week. And our week starts from Saturday. I wanted to do it all in one shot. A single, short and optimized MySQL query which will return the count of all […]

  • Summer @ Indibits

    You must know that I work at Indibits. And it’s a news for you. Summer @ Indibits is going to be special, as we are starting a summer internship program. We have a product idea and the team selected for the internship will work on that project from scratch. Of course, I will be there […]

  • Playing with Switches

    While coding, you need to control over something, so we have “Control Structures” in our language. Most of the programing language have control structures. And you are building an application, so you (not you exactly, your code) need to make a decision, then your code start comparing things and take the correct decision and moves […]