NIC Sucks

NIC Sucks – OJEE e-Counseling

Since a long time I always complain about NIC (National Informatics Center). NIC develops and manages most of the websites and online applications for Govt. of India. The reason is pretty clear – lack of accessibility and web standard. And the reason behind such sucking website and applications is also pretty clear. As many of the Indian Govt. departments and offices, people at NIC are not perfectly eligible, don’t get the best training and don’t follow the best practices and web standards. Take out a random website, designed and developed by NIC. There is 99% chance that it must be using tables for everything. There is 50% chance that it’ll look ugly in all advanced and standard browsers other than IE 6. And 100% of those sites are ugly, if you know the current web design trend. This does not mean that Indians are not good at web design and development. There are many great Indian web designers and developers. This means no one at NIC knows good web design or web standard. In this post I am going to explain how OJEE (Orissa Joint Entrance Examination) e-Counseling Sucks.

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I just checked my birth horoscope at Ganesh Speaks website. I don’t blindly believe in horoscope. I believe your did will change your horoscope. And the prediction is quite good. I think I should put those while writing ‘about me’ next time.

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I think Indians always love good brands. They love the brand names such a way that they forget (or don’t ever try to know what the product is) the product name. They recognize the product by brand name. Let’s focus this interesting area of India!