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Dump MySQL Database to a file on Windows

Most of the people out there are talking about dumping MySQL Database to a file on Linux servers. Many of you must be using MySQL on Windows, with WAMP. However, most of the PHP and MySQL powered websites and applications are hosted on a Linux server, most of the developers must be using WAMP on Windows, as their local development platform. What if you added a new developer to the development team and you all are using your own computer as your local development environment, how will you provide the current MySQL database to the new developer. There is a great chance that you must be using phpMyAdmin. Using phpMyAdmin, you can export your database and save (download) it as a SQL file with zero compression or compressing as zipped or gzipped. But what if you have a large database (in my case, it’s around 100 MB, that means, lots of data)?

Some Tips and Tricks

Ctrl + Shift + Esc or Ctrl + Alt + Delete

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