Where to buy online in India?

Some people love to spend time on shopping. They visit big malls, great stores or the market in the neighborhood and do what they love. I too love shopping. But instead of shopping in the traditional way, I spend my time on visiting many online shops. I buy more products online than I buy from the offline market.

Few months ago, I posted on my online shopping experiences. That became the second most popular post on my blog and in few days it’ll become the most popular one. I got inspired with the popularity of this post, my wasted time on online shops and few other factors, I am planning to write few more posts since few days. But due to lack of time, I am unable to publish them. Please be in touch, I am coming with few good posts on my online shopping experiences.

I was thinking on creating a community driven Q&A website, where people can share their online shopping experiences. They can ask question, like where they can find some specific products, or whether an online shop is good to have deal with etc. And other members can reply to those questions, as per their experience. I thought, that will be a good place to turn my wasted time (Most of the time shopping online saves your time and money. But sometime you waste more time, becoming a maniac) on online shops to some useful stuff.

Once I searched a quick but good way to build such a website. After few hours of research, I stopped the process and focused on other works. But the idea was playing in my mind. Then on last Wednesday, I did some more research on this. I checked WordPress themes which can turn a WordPress blog to a Q&A website, Qhub.com, Shapado and OSQA. Later I decided to create this website on Sapado. On Thursday, I bought the domain name, created a simple and quick logo, and did all required settings. And as a result Where to buy online in India? is running.

I thank the guys who developed and running Shapado. I also thank all my friends who have asked questions there and who are going to ask few questions to provide a kick start to the website. I request you to visit the website and ask out your queries on online shopping in India. I also request you to share your online experience by answering to the questions there. I am planning to reward top contributors the website, buy sending them some gifts. So ask, answer, vote and do whatever you can to get points and badges. If you become one of the top contributors, you may receive the rewards.





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