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  • Where to buy online in India?

    Some people love to spend time on shopping. They visit big malls, great stores or the market in the neighborhood and do what they love. I too love shopping. But instead of shopping in the traditional way, I spend my time on visiting many online shops. I buy more products online than I buy from…

  • Rocking Tees in India

    It’s around a year back, for the first time when I visited Threadless – a great tees website (or you can call it as online shop). One day I came to know about Twitter Tees (If you wonder what’s Twitter Tees, then I must say “It’s a project by Threadless where they print tweets highly…

  • Do you need a Google Wave Invitation?

    I have 15 Google Wave Invitations left out of 20. I want to invite some people, not randomly or whoever asks me. So please post a comment on this post and I will select some people from you to invite to have a preview of Google Wave.